Your Ct. Dog / Pet Portrait Photographer. Shooting Pet Portraits From Boston to NYC and Across the Country. If you're looking for pet portrait photography for your dog or pet check out Muddy Paw Studios, A TAB Photographic studio, is the place for you and your furry friend.


Muddy Paw Studios, Ct. Pet Portrait Dog Portrait Photography based out of Ct. but shooting dog portraits that truly rock from Ct. To Boston Mass. to New York City NY. As well as select locations around the country. If you're looking for pet portraits dog portrait photographs of your pup then think Muddy Paw Studios, your Pet Photographer. What it comes down to, is from the Dog Portrait Photography blog to our pet portrait photographers website, Muddy Paws Studios is your dog and pet photographer. In the coming months Muddy Paws Studios is going to hit the road. What this means to you is from LA to Portland Oregon to Miami Florida to New York City to Boston MA. Muddy Paws Studios will be at a location near you. So get your furry pup ready to be the star and contact muddy paws studios for all of your pet photography portrait needs. Just let your good friend, your dog, know what he or she is in for because after all, you do everything you can to make your dogs world great. Now it's time to show it with some magical portraits of that magical dog... your Best friend. Tim Brown / TAB Photographic and Muddy Paw Studios. Your national and Ct. Pet Photographer.